N.E.W.S. Asset Pool (Burst)

Welcome to the N.E.W.S. Asset Pool for Burst mining. This is part of the project that is ongoing by the N.E.W.S. Asset Team. We welcome all our shareholders to mine with us and non-shareholders alike.

Pool Address: http://pool.news-asset.com:7080
Pool Fees: 1%
Payout: 300 Burst or 24 hours

Read this Guide on joining the Pool: https://news-asset.com/how-to-join-the-mining-pool/

Pool Amenities:

  • 30% of NET Income** to be distributed to all N.E.W.S. Asset Shareholders.
  • 60% of NET Income** to be distributed to all N.E.W.S. Asset Shareholders mining in the pool.
  • There will be MINIMAL DOWNTIME since this pool will be managed by different timezone personnels.

Fellow Bursters! We welcome you; pool.news-asset.com:7080 is owned and operated by N.E.W.S. Asset Investments through the initiative of Haitch. We will be shifting our mining operations to mine in the pool and we encourage all of our asset holders to do so as well. Non-shareholders of N.E.W.S. are very much welcome to join in.

NOTE: More miners, more pool fees that we collect, more profits for fellow asset investors/shareholders.

See you there everyone!

Happy Bursting and remember, Keep Calm, Mine Burst!

N.E.W.S. Asset Team